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"To Eat is a Necessity, but to eat intelligently is an Art."

-La Rochefoucald

The Art of Eating is your platform to master nutrition with ease and consistency for long term mental and physical health.

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Hi, I am Natosha

I’m a Nutrition and Life Coach that focuses on transforming your mindset and habits to elevate your health mentally and physically. 


Let's Work Together

I have offers to meet everyone’s needs! If you are looking for education, guidance, accountability, finding harmony with food, peace with your body or just regular support in your health journey then there is something here for you.


Art of Eating Icons

12 Week Nutrition Course

You will be working directly with me over the 12 weeks to reach your goals and feel empowered. You will learn the foundation of eating quality food and understanding how that fits into your life. This program is designed to equip you with simple tools to master your nutrition not just for the short term, but for the rest of your life.

Art of Eating Icons

Life Coaching Coaching

This gives you access to a 45 minute session with me. These will be personal to your needs and goals. Overcome your current obstacles, change your mindset and develop simple habits to be at your healthiest.

Art of Eating Icons

30 Day Nutrition Reset

This is NOT a diet, this is a time for you to learn and grow over the next 4 weeks, finding a positive place physically and mentally; becoming the best version of yourself. Throughout this program we will be building a strong foundation in quality foods and start developing healthy habits that are sustainable longterm. There will be task and check ins along the way to motivate and inspire you over the 30 days, leaving you with tools that you can use with confidence beyond the end of the program.

Change Starts With Believing You Can!

If your current nutrition plan or diet feels “hard”…it’s not sustainable.

It’s important to love what you eat so that eating in alignment with your goals becomes easy for you.

Instead of living by a strict rulebook that takes over your life and makes you miserable, the key is to learn the methods that become habits and actually become part of your life.

You don’t have to rely on willpower alone.

Learn the Art of Eating and find your permanent happy place when it comes to nutrition.


Before working with Natosha I really struggled with all or nothing mentality. If my diet wasn’t perfect I had a tendency to completely derail into a binge.

Natosha helped me learn how to be more flexible, focus on the basis and foundation for healthy nutrition and adequate protein but still allow for the things that I wanted to eat like treats and wine.

She was incredibly helpful in reframing the psychological aspect and supportive. I highly recommend her!

Tiffany K.

I cannot express in words how amazing Natosha is as a person and as a nutrition coach. I loved her approach and how she met me where I was at and we worked from there instead of me just following a set in stone, cookie cutter approach.

She listened to my problems and we worked together to set small goals for each week and then built on those goals. Everyone should work with her:)

Jill B.
I am a huge fan of Natosha's approach to Life Coaching. I appreciate how open she is and relatable. I felt like I could really tell her anything without any worries of judgement. She has really opened my eyes to different perspectives and ways to approach my goals in life. Very thankful to have met and worked with her.


Before working with Natosha, I was really stuck on viewing food as good or bad and how it would fit into my macros. I was really not paying attention much to food quality.

Natosha helped me learn to listen to my body and notice how food makes me feel, mentally and physically. I always have a wonderful experience when working with her!

Becky M.

At the end of the day a program is only as good as the people running it. Natosha does a phenomenal job stepping in as a teacher and coach to guide you through her program in a way that fits your life, rhythms, and needs. You can count on her to successfully guide you into a healthier place!

I have had the pleasure of working with Natosha in multiple areas. As a CrossFit Coach she was demanding and encouraging, in Jiu Jitsu she is humbling, and in nutrition she has been understanding, supportive and positive. I am not an athlete, I have had a lifelong battle with weight and Natosha is a strong reason why I am willing to keep fighting.

Kirk R.

Natosha is amazing and such a support system. She has a depth of knowledge in nutrition as well as over all wellbeing. I would highly recommend her for any of your nutritional needs or just needing help with life goals!

Claire B.

Before working with Natosha I had unhealthy eating habits that I personally thought were sustainable, but couldn’t lose weight with them. After working with Natosha I learned more about what constitutes a healthier meal, and was able to see the gaps in my nutrition as well as what made my meals unsustainable.

Since starting the program, I have lost 10 pounds and learned incredibly helpful methods on how to form a healthy relationship with my food and what my body needs in order to stay healthy but also lose weight.

Noah M.
Before working with Natosha I had a very regimented and restrictive relationship with food. I would then binge on my one “cheat” day per week.

This caused a feeling of guilt after that day of indulgence because I would loose control and then shame myself back on the regimen the very next day. This caused double the work as a mom because I was making my food and “kid” food.
Since working with Natosha I’ve been able to create more balance in my household. I’m not afraid to eat out of my “safe foods” box and my whole family is eating mostly the same meals. I have a healthier body image and a more balanced diet throughout the week and no longer have the urge to go crazy on my one allotted day of the week. I have gained a more sustainable lifestyle and I’m setting a better example for my household.

Natosha has also encouraged me to see something that I like about myself as opposed to always looking at my flaws. Looking through a positive lens has helped with my overall perspective. I highly encourage Natosha’s nutrition coaching you will not regret the investment in your health.

Chandler M.

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