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A little bit about me…

I am one of the owners of Kokoro Training Academy as well as the owner/operator of The Art of Eating. I specializes in Nutrition, Fitness  and Life Coaching. I work with individuals to elevate their health mentally and physically. 

I work together with clients to overcome current obstacles, change their mindset and develop simple habits to be at their happiest and healthiest

I have worked in coaching to some degree for over 2 decades. Starting with youth sports and moving into group fitness and sports programming as a young adult. During that time I obtained a massage therapy license and my Bachelor’s degree in Recreation with an emphasis in Health and Wellness through Missouri State University. Practicing sports massage and recovery with athletes for 14 years while also coaching CrossFit. I have been employed with CrossFit LLC since 2013, traveling around the world to deliver the CF-L1 and CF-L2 Seminars. I hold the L-3 Certified CrossFit Trainer credentials.  During my time with CrossFit I pursued further education in Nutrition. I hold the PN-L1 Certification as well as CF Nutrition. I went on to earn my Life Coaching education and credentials through Coaching Training EDU.

I have worked with all types of individuals on mindset, performance and healthy habits to help them elevate their health. My passion is coaching and helping others succeed in becoming the best version of themselves!

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