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How to escape the all or nothing mentality when it comes to nutrition and dieting

If you want the results you gotta bring the pain!

Does this ^ sound familiar to you?

Diet culture has told us for decades that to be thin, lean, ripped, sexy and generally worthy in this world then we must suffer and be miserable to achieve that. Then and only then can we be the whole package.

Try this new diet…

Eat from only these foods (or to be more accurate, don’t eat these foods)…

The world of dieting is all about restrictions and limitations.

We’ve all been there…

We’ve all been overwhelmed with the options and information around all the methods.

Guess what, they all can work!

In the short term just about any fucking diet on the planet can hack your body composition! Now does that mean it can be maintained?

Even better question: Can you maintain your life consuming diet without losing your mind and driving your friends and family completely bat shit crazy??

I would say a BIG LOUD NO.

Many of us have lived in the diet delusion that we are happy and it is manageable as long as we see the results.

If you step back and take a look at the behaviors and thoughts you have around food… you might come to realize you actually have some seriously disordered eating habits.

You might have some seriously unhealthy thoughts about yourself and love-hate relationships with food.

Sounds like a bad relationship that you just can’t quit!

…late night booty calls with ice cream followed by the walk of shame.

…feeling like you can’t control your body, can’t control your emotions, and need to double your efforts on the days preceding to punish yourself of fucking it up once again!

..let’s not forget the guilt and self loathing that you wake up with and fixate on.

I should workout more, eat even less, cut out all foods that are “bad” for me.

Well this sounds like the path I chose for many years and the path to constant failure and negativity.

If my body on the outside wasn’t good enough, well you can just imagine how gross my mind was.

I finally jumped off the diet roller coaster and decided I had to find a better path.

One that didn’t create failure, that didn’t encourage me to obsess over being healthy and fit while never feeling I met the mark, never hitting that goal weight or that perfect size, and if I did it was fleeting and I was hungry as hell!!

What makes a new behavior a true and lasting behavior?

Well guess what, no behavior is probably a forever thing unless it supports your health and happiness.

Every year you will be faced with new life changes, goals and obstacles…

Stop expecting life to be still and start looking at yourself and your life as constantly evolving and with it you are evolving and refining your behaviors to suit.

You change jobs, move, get married, get divorced, have a kid, have your 5th kid, get sick, get fit…… shall I continue??

So my big statement is stop expecting life to be still and start looking at yourself and your life as constantly evolving and with it you are evolving and refining your behaviors to suit

Here are a few affirmations that I use myself and encourage my clients to use on our way to creating the best version of ourselves….

I know that principle-based habits help me to stress less and reflect more.

I am always moving toward choosing better rather than perfect to be the best version of myself.

I am not controlled by my emotions around food and I no longer approach eating with an all or nothing mindset.

I approach eating artfully, with realistic goals, realistic habits and lasting results both physically and mentally.

Happy eating 🙂

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